Welcome to Pic Vault

So what is Pic Vault?

Pic Vault is simply a fast and easy way to upload and store your pictures, photo's and images onto the internet. Once your images are hosted on our servers, they can be displayed to whomever you wish, it's simple, easy and fast. Saving you the cost of purchasing your own expensive web-space, Pic Vault is by far the best way to get you images on the world wide web. You don't need to be a web-designer and you don't need to know any difficult programming,infact you don't even need to be a wiz on the computer. Our easy to use interface is clear and simple, anyone can use it.

As soon as you sign up for an account, we automatically give you 50mb of online storage absolutly and 100% FREE! which is activated straight away. This is yours to use each and every month as you chose, and should you use it all, then you have the option to simply upgrade and get more space.

So remember, It's simple, easy & fast and upgrades are cheap!

All you need is an email address and your away. Sign up is quick and easy and enables you to get uploading in no time at all.

Our very simple and user friendly interface, allows our users to upload and host their images in just seconds!

The fastest way to get your images hosted. Sign up and start uploading in only a matter of minutes. All images are hosted on our fast reliable servers.
For premium accounts and all upgrades, you can pay via your PAYPAL account. It's fast, secure and reliable.